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At the Getty—for the dramatic unveiling of a lost Rembrandt rescued from a New Jersey basement…  

At the Smithsonian—for the electrifying debut of an impossibly young, about-to-be discovered Ella Fitzgerald...

And at the Hayden—for a fantastic voyage beyond the stars to witness the very birth of our universe...

If you love the splendors of art—the discoveries of science—the wonders of nature—the secrets of history and genius of man—you’re invited to join Museum America.

Museum America takes you inside the nation’s most-fascinating museums.

You’ll preview coming exhibitions. Meet charismatic curators. Tour dazzling collections. And explore private back rooms thrilling to the incredible back stories that bring it all to life.

Stories told by gifted writers, brilliant historians, and renowned journalists in a stunning new magazine replete with magnificent art and spectacular photography.

Acclaimed a “National Geographic for the world of museums,” Museum America is more than a magazine.

It gives you instant membership privileges at hundreds of museums across the country. 

You’ll enjoy discounts on admissions, savings off gifts, extras in cafés.

You’ll receive invitations to intimate gallery talks, curator-led tours, and gala artist receptions. 

You’ll have reservations for museum-centered film screenings, music performances, and dining events.

Plus you’ll get first call on museum-inspired vacations, social gatherings, even date nights.

Wherever you live, work, or travel, Museum America’s mobile app will guide you to local museums.

You’ll get the latest facts, videos, and links to what’s on exhibit now and what’s coming next. Complete with reviews of what to see, what to skip, and what visitors have to say.

And if shopping museum stores is your guilty pleasure, you’ll delight in Museum America’s best-of collection. Curated from the world’s museums, these one-of-a-kind finds are offered at member prices in an extraordinary online catalog.

Sound good? Worth checking out? Let’s get you signed up!

You can try Museum America free. No credit card is required. Just enter your name and address below and we’ll send you the first issue at our expense. 

If you like Museum America, you’ll receive three more quarterly issues—with all the benefits of membership—for just $25. 

If it’s not for you, simply cancel—keep the issue free—and owe nothing. There’s no obligation.

It’s no secret: Museums at their best are magical places.

Driven by curiosity, visitors travel hundreds of miles just to see them. Inspired by discovery, no one leaves unchanged.

But frankly too few Americans ever arrive. For most, the nation’s 13,000 museums remain secrets hidden in plain sight. Where tickets can be costly. Exhibitions crowded. Hours inconvenient. And access limited.

Until now.

Now it doesn’t matter where you live. Or what it costs to get in. Or if the line stretches around the block. 

Because now Museum America will take you there. Opening doors to astounding new worlds—and putting you at the head of every line with membership privileges—for less than a dime a day.

With a click you’ll join us at legendary museums like the Met in New York, the Field in Chicago, the Children’s in Indianapolis, the Heard in Phoenix, and the High in Atlanta.  

You’ll explore exquisite, smaller museums like the Peabody Essex in Massachusetts, the Ohr-O’Keefe in Mississippi, the Shelburne in Vermont, and the Chinati in Texas.

And you’ll discover unique and quirky, “Wow, I had no idea!” museums devoted to everything from Bigfoot and butterflies to Elvis and UFOs.

It’s all part of Museum America. And it’s all yours when you join now.



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